My Weekly Grind: Part IV

So, this week marks the end of a very busy period for me (hence the lack of shooting time) but the good news is that I will be heading up to Hong Kong for a week from tomorrow onwards!

I have never been there before and my main two reasons for wanting to visit Hong Kong quite badly is firstly because of the late Fan Ho's work of the city. I know that most of his work were done ages ago and not in the modern day Hong Kong as we know it but nonetheless, each piece of his work has really left me in such an awe of the place. His black and white photos are always so simple and minimalistic, far from the overcrowded and buzzing city of today.
Secondly, it is because of DigitalrevTv! I kid you not. I am a huge fan of their youtube videos (when Kai was still around) but not for its content actually. Instead, I was interested because of the places that the crew brings us (the viewer) to in every episode. So I always watch DrTv videos just to look at the environment, the atmosphere and the people in the background. And again, I have been strangely enchanted by the whole claustrophobic feeling that the build-up areas have. The place surely does have a character.

With these reasons and a simple backpack, I hope to explore the entire city by foot over the course of next week, with a curious eye peeking into this whole new place for me. If you happen to read this and you've got any other tips to facilitate my trip smoothly, please do hit me up and share with me!

And before I leave you for the weekend, here are some of the street photographs I made from a couple of days back.

Have a good day!