First Post of the Year!

The past year had been nothing short of a wonderful blessing for me. I've learned so much and soared to greater heights. 2016 was the year where I embarked on my second documentary project abroad which have personally changed my life in every way and it was also the year where I had my first exhibition too. But none of that would had been possible without the support that I've received from the people around me. Be it from friends or even random strangers commenting online, encouraging me to keep up my work. It were these little things that kept me going from bound to bound. So thank you for all that you've given me in the past one year. I also hope that you would be able to continue to support my work in the coming months too.

Now, looking forward to the brand new year in an increasingly uncertain world, I have decided to refocus my projects to this region in Southeast Asia because there are definitely plenty of stories out there which are not being covered fully yet. This will be my priority and goal for 2017. On top of that, with America's impending isolationist policy and deteriorating relationship between Trump's administration and China (but also conversely improving relationship with Russia), it is hard to guess which direction will Asia take after the 20th of January. This region could very well be a hotbed for news in the coming years should America decided to disengage from us. It is going to be interesting to see what the coming year has in store and I hope to be able to ride along the tide when it comes.

So with that, I will leave you now with a short photo essay on the new year's celebration in Singapore at the stroke of last midnight. While everyone's eyes (and cameras) were transfixed upwards to the display of fireworks, I trained my lens on their very reactions during and after the celebration to capture the atmosphere and mood as we enter into a year of uncertainty.