Looking back at the past 12 months, I can only say one thing: what a year it has been.

The rules in life are simple. First, make each year the best year of my life to date. And then secondly, make every year better than the previous year. So because of that, 2016 was a hundred times better than 2015 which, at that time, was already a very good year for me too.

But this has not made me forgotten that to be able to explore and understand the world is a privilege many do not have. That is why I try to balance it out by using the opportunities I had to give back to the people around me. Instead of traveling for leisure, I carried on searching for stories to tell from every possible corner of this globe. Stories that helped to raise awareness, fund a campaign or even support a wider and bigger cause than just about me.
I count myself lucky to be able to accomplish this.

Hence, after 13 destinations and a total of 8 months being abroad, I have compiled all of my photography work into a 7 minute show reel. Yes, my work is my life. So I hope that you will enjoy this simple compilation that I have put together.

And lastly, to all of you who have been with me on my journey in one form or another, thank you all so much for the memories. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.