Trying Not To Forget

I haven't posted anything in here for almost a week because I have been, somewhat, struggling to come to terms with my own distant reality. The truth is that when I first started sharing these stories on my social media platforms, I shared it because I want to start a conversation among my circle of friends. I wanted to raise awareness through stories that humanise people who seems to be so far away from us. To put a face to their stories. But over time, that reason slowly changed. Recently, I started posting stories more because I do not want to forget them instead. It is more for me than it is meant for you. So this becomes like a diary that I can look back many years down. There were moments when I panic if I had forgotten someone's name or a particular flow of a story. I would desperately scramble through my memories for that loose and missing piece. So I tried my best to keep up with this. But I am afraid to stop thinking about them. I don't know what would happen if it comes to that.

I feel like that could be the worst thing that can happen to anyone searching for hope - to be forgotten.

Idomeni, Greece | 2016