The Search For Heaven

Guns and bombs are what brought them here. But it is also what the world sees them as. Unfair and biased, it seems. Blanket targeting increases the death tolls. The pain of loss becomes a base for solidarity among them. It weighs them down and hangs over their shoulder like a dead weight. What do they know? They have lived through many wars in their lifetime. Wars that are unjust. Wars that they did not ask for. Wars that were brought to their doorsteps! So here they are now, trying to find a different meaning to life. Sitting in an abandoned concrete room that used to house military officers. Oh, the victory must be sweet though it is small.
To oust the aggressor and listen to Borhan belt out the melody of adzan in this same space is anything but symbolic.
Today, this is a musollah; a prayer room where both men and women can congregate five times per day.

Without fear.

Without judgement.

But most unfortunately, without their loved ones.