Weekly Grind: Part V

One of the things that I wish I could bring back home after my Hong Kong trip is the level of enthusiasm to explore everything that is unfamiliar. That eagerness to get up early in the morning way before the sun rises and that determination to stay out long after dusk even when my legs have turned into jelly-welly. As much as I am aware that it is difficult to replicate all of the above in an environment that is already so familiar to me, I still think that the only thing that matters is our perspective. I didn't only see Hong Kong differently, I saw the world differently. So if I could somehow see Singapore in a different light ... then maybe, just maybe I might find myself a playground here too.

Enough rambling and let's move on to the selected pictures made from this week.

The Lost Cowboy

Escalator to Heaven

One last piece of news. I have successfully cull out thousands of pictures from my trip to Hong Kong down to just a handful over the past week which is a laboursome process but I am definitely happy with the result. It might even just be the best body of street photography work that I have produced so far. So I will be posting here the selections sometime next week.
Stay tuned for that update!