An 18 hour layover can be very agonising to wait out. Especially if you are cash strapped towards the end of a working trip. But when you have that much time to spend in Sri Lanka, you must know that you are going to leave the country wishing you had more time.

So the best way to quickly immerse ourselves into this beautiful country (even beautiful is an understatement), my girlfriend and I decided to dive into the veins of a country itself - the roads.

All of these following photographs were taken from a moving taxi during a 90 minute ride back to the airport. Maybe in a different country, the locals would frown if they see a stranger at the back of a car training his camera on them, but not here. Every single one that saw me either smiled or waved back. And I took over 150 shots during that span of time!

So, if 90 minutes on the road can already gives us a glimpse of the raw beauty of Sri Lanka, then can you imagine what else I might have discovered if I have had more time in my hands?

Definitely have to return to this country again to find out for myself.

I hope you will enjoy this photo series.