To Aylan Kurdi, We Are Sorry

Ritsona, Athens, 2016.

Today marks a year since the death of Aylan Kurdi. As much we want to say that things have now gotten better for everyone, we simply can't. And I am sorry. We should all be. We tried not to let your death go to waste and turn it into lesson for all of us to learn from, no matter how painful it was. But the war that ousted you from your home continues on like an unquenchable wildfire. While on the European shores, many more lands in your footstep with hopes to find a safe haven when the borders are already closed. "What safe haven?"

When images of you, lying lifelessly with a still heart, started to circulate around, an army of free spirited and kind hearted souls descended upon the very same beach that your body was found on. They tried everything and gave their best. They left a dent on ever life that they touched, surely. But now this army is thinning from within. Overwhelmed. Opinions have been shifted, emotions running high and fear has been fanned even further. Exhaustion and fatigue is almost triumphing.

Things have not moved forward. Maybe we have regressed backwards instead.

I am sorry that we haven't found any answers yet.