The In-Between Pauses

What makes a memory beautiful? Or Complete? Is it just the ones that are staged? Or does it also include the moments before and after the staged photos were taken?

Every family that goes on a vacation trip together will have two kinds of photo albums. The first always consist of the more photogenic pictures in an idyllic state. The second album is the one that never gets to see the light of the day. It's made up of the quieter in-between moments, forgotten as soon as it slides through the cracks. As for me, I just have a personal preference for the latter. It's much more telling, more honest and raw than the first album. It is these little pieces that completes the bigger picture. But often, it's not seen as very important because it's missing the beautiful smiles or the picturesque sunsets which means it either gets stored away in the memory chip or sent down to the trash bin.

So here I am, presenting to you a simple photo essay of my recent family vacation that hopes to eternalise the ever slightly imperfect or incomplete moments that we are so ready to discard away.