Hi everyone.

After working on this website and a little bit of rebranding tirelessly for a few weeks, I am glad to say that my online portfolio is finally up and running.  I consider this as an important milestone as I constantly expand my horizon in pursuing after my passion for photography. Essentially, I will only put up the best of my work that I am proud of here but if you want to see more from the same project, do feel free to visit my tumblr where I would put up more of my work usually. On top of that, the blog function here will serve as an update platform on any upcoming projects that I have in the pipeline.

Speaking of which, I am currently working really hard to get more projects as well. To name a few, I am really happy to have the opportunity to work with the guys from Alt Magazine Co. for their online magazine that was also launched quite recently. They will cover mostly on social trends that do not get featured often and also the alternative perspectives on the prevailing social trends too. So, I am looking forward to work with them from their second issue in November onwards. Do show them your support as well by going over to their link at the bottom of this post.

On top of that, I have been linking up with some local human rights organisations to see if I can contribute my photography skills in any way that could help their cause. That is another interesting project that I cannot wait for in December.

And of course not forgetting my roots, I am also keeping myself busy by exploring every nook and cranny that Singapore has to offer. Just a hint for the next place I will be checking out - it will cease to exist as part of Singapore's landscape come 2016.

Last but not least, the only wish I have for my photography is that you do visually enjoy my work, if not even get inspired, maybe, by some of the social causes that I am working on. Do hit me up if there is anything you would like know more also or if there are any interests for collaborations! (: